Are You Ready for Freelancing? (Infographic)

Deciding where and when to work sounds pretty good. Not having to tolerate nonsensical office rules and not participating in a war over the air conditioning in the summer sounds like a dream come true. Freelancing offers all that comfort. But takes away other things, like stability. You won’t always have clients, and you will have to win their love again and again. Moreover, there’s a possibility you will have to work some weekends and scratch that trip you had planned long ago.

So, as you see, you have to ponder a bit, whether or not to become a freelancer. Do you have the guts to leave the safe comfort of the office job and dive into the unexpected world of freelancing? To succeed, you will have to possess a certain level of professional skills, a strong motivation, and negotiation skills to get yourself some clients and keep them.

Are You Ready for Freelancing?

Are you still being indecisive about freelancing? Then take the test that the team of Essay Tigers have created in a form of infographic. It’ll reveal whether you have the necessary motivation and the skills, or there is yet work to be done, or maybe freelancing is by no means right for you.


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