March 23, 2016


Pop quiz, hotshot: Can you make a sale in 8 seconds?

Or convince your new prospect to give up that precious email address in 12 seconds?


That’s about how much time you’ve got to make the right impression on your audience.

No pressure or anything – only your business is at stake, after all.

Oh, and their average attention span is under eight seconds long. (A goldfish can literally pay more attention than your human prospects at this point.)

It’s OK, though. Breathe easy.  

We can’t all be great at the things we do or sell in our businesses and writing the words that bring in the customers.

And — you may have noticed — we business peeps need a lot of words these days:

  • Sales pages
  • White papers
  • Email autoresponder sequences
  • Ebooks
  • Case studies
  • Press releases

At Digital Inkwell, what we do for our clients goes well beyond simply writing some words that “sound good.”

Our copy converts. Casual readers into subscribers. Prospects into customers. Customers into repeat business, brand ambassadors, and raving fans.

See, your copy — the words on your website, your emails, your social accounts — is like your 24-hour a day, seven-days-a-week, never-takes-a-break salesperson. When you’re not around, your copy is.

And it has to be convincing if you want it to close those sales.

What’s more, good copy is a moving target. For example, the same text that’s high-converting on a sales page would drive away prospects in droves in a blog post.

That’s because all copy is not created equal. Even well-written copy isn’t enough, because to be effective, the copy has to align with the purpose of both the page and the readers.

Your prospects and readers have different needs, depending on where they are in their purchasing decision. If your copy isn’t meeting those needs, how long do you think they’ll stick around?

Our experience tells us the answer to that question is “they’re already gone.”

They’ve moved on. Maybe to your competitor, or maybe to another solution altogether.

Either way, that’s a lost opportunity for you — and a lost sale.

So if your copy isn’t converting your casual readers into leads, and your leads into customers, then it isn’t doing its job, and you need to fire it.

Then hire us.

Whatever your copywriting needs, think of us as your hired guns. We’re like the crew of Serenity, except not in space, and with pens. And a slightly less extensive knowledge of conversational Chinese.

Just fill out the form below and click “send.” We’ll get in touch right away to discuss your copy and how we can make it work harder for you and your business.

Image by Alejandro Escamilla / Unsplash