7 Awesome Reasons Your Company Needs Case Studies Right Now

I’ve read a lot of writing blogs, people. And on those blogs, there’s information about writing all sorts of things from blog posts to web content to business plans. But you know what I don’t see get a lot of coverage? Case studies. And I can’t figure out why. I mean, these are a marketing gold mine! They sell without selling and are just so generally awesome that I could fill a book about it. Hmm. Maybe I will!

But since time is limited, I’m just going to offer up 7 of the best reasons why your business needs to feature case studies (also referred to ask customer stories) on its website. Yes, they are an investment but dude. The results? They’re worth it and then some.

7. You Don’t Have to Do the Legwork

When hiring someone to write case studies for your business, all you have to do is scrape together customer contact information–that’s it! Everything else is left up to the writer from coordinating interviews, conducting interviews, and writing the case studies themselves. Writers are also responsible for tracking down that elusive customer approval thing once case studies are completed. You can just sit back and watch as a great case study lands in your inbox for posting on your website.

6. They’re Immersive

Potential customers need to be able to picture themselves using your product or service before they’ll convert.  And what better way to do that than to offer up case studies that showcase how a customer has used, enjoyed, and generally benefitted from what you offer? It’s by far the simplest way to put prospects in your customers’ shoes.

5. They Act as Fresh Content

Websites are all about content and the fresher it is, the better. Adding case studies to your content strategy along with blog posts, white papers, and such means you’re taking a diversified approach. And that’s definitely a good thing in this highly competitive content market.

4. They Show Customer Appreciation

When a customer gets the call to let him know there’s a desire to include him in a case study, you put your brand back at the top of his mind. And you stand to create a customer for life. It never hurts to show your customers how much you appreciate them. Requesting they be case study subjects is a good way to do that.

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3. They Fit Into Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Case studies are content. And content is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your business. Instead of shouting from the rooftops, “Buy my stuff!” you’re inviting people to your site to be entertained or to learn something. It’s inbound vs. outbound and anything you can do to ramp up your inbound efforts for 2014, the better.

2. They’re Better Than Reviews

Yes, reviews and testimonials are great but they can only take you so far. And since they’re not written by a professional writer, there might be grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or just plain awkward phrasing that’s off-putting to potential customers. But case studies are written by pros. And that means you get all the best stuff of a review (customer experience and first-person perspective) with all the best stuff of an article (skilled writing and research). And that brings us to the last item on the list. The number one reason your company needs case studies is…

1. Case Studies Are the Ultimate Soft-Sell

As I mentioned above, inbound marketing is now the way to go. Outbound or interruptive marketing tactics are becoming less and less effective in the consumer space. Customers are not only wise to when they’re being sold to, but they also really, really hate it. That’s why case studies are so awesome. They’re a soft way to sell your products or services without resorting to an in-your-face approach.

Are you a proponent of using case studies as a part of business marketing? I’d love to hear your experiences below!


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Brenda Stokes Barron is a freelance writer and blogger for hire. When she's not hunched over her laptop, she's spending time with her family and two crazy cats. Keep up with her antics (which often include trips to Starbucks) on all the usual social network places.