99 Things I Love

I read a post on BobWP this morning about gratitude and setting aside 10 minutes to furiously jot down 99 things that you love. The idea here is that it forces you to think about your life in detail and better appreciate the small things. I’m always up for a challenge, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Here goes nothing…

  1. Piping hot cups of coffee with the perfect mix of cream and sugar
  2. My daughter’s wild spirit
  3. My son’s sweetness
  4. My husband’s sly laugh
  5. Memories of my dad that float through my mind all day, every day
  6. Vivid, happy dreams
  7. A good night’s sleep
  8. Ice cold water on a hot day
  9. The sound of a cat purring
  10. Relaxing, cold nights with a warm blanket and a good book
  11. Binge watching TV shows on Netflix
  12. The excitement when a favorite TV show or movie is about to premiere
  13. The perfectly cooked steak
  14. When my house is clean
  15. Pinterest boards for organization
  16. The feeling of soft yarn through my fingers while knitting
  17. A craving fulfilled
  18. Having money in the bank
  19. Taking 100% guilt-free days off
  20. When hard work pays off
  21. Cold weather
  22. New boots
  23. Comfortable socks
  24. My warm, faux fur robe
  25. Good morning cat nuzzles
  26. When technology works
  27. Booklights
  28. Reusable straw tumblers
  29. Working on my patio
  30. Ocean breezes
  31. The sound of wind in the trees
  32. Naps
  33. Cold, sunny days
  34. The smell of the earth after it’s rained
  35. Plumeria lotion from Bath & Body Works
  36. My daughter’s mismatched outfits
  37. Documenting the things my daughter says
  38. Making things
  39. Baking anything
  40. The smell of coffee first thing in the morning
  41. Pizza night
  42. Writing with no distractions
  43. The perfect playlist to accompany a writing session
  44. Spotify
  45. Helpful people
  46. Political activism
  47. Generosity
  48. Candy
  49. Blank notebooks
  50. Fountain pens
  51. Calligraphy and old cards where my dad wrote out my name in perfect script
  52. Candlelight
  53. Fireplaces
  54. The smell of Christmas
  55. Rainy days when I don’t have to go anywhere
  56. Slippers
  57. Watching my daughter delight in playing in the ocean
  58. Sandcastles
  59. Memories of my grandmother’s kitchen
  60. The spontaneous urge to Irish step-dance
  61. Ideas for new websites
  62. Stephen King
  63. Finding the bright side
  64. Morbid senses of humor
  65. Laughing until my head hurts
  66. The sound of my children laughing
  67. Date night
  68. The way yoga can unkink my neck and back
  69. Knitting blankets
  70. My Keurig
  71. Doing crafts
  72. Halloween
  73. Autumn
  74. Sweater weather
  75. Compassionate people
  76. Photos & videos of baby animals
  77. That porcupine that really likes pumpkin
  78. Watching my favorite movies with my daughter
  79. The feeling of my son being so relaxed and falling asleep on my chest
  80. Days at the park
  81. A month without doctors’ appointments
  82. Paleontology
  83. All science, actually
  84. Trips to the museum
  85. Being proud of something I’ve written
  86. Friends who truly understand me
  87. Fully charged electronics
  88. When my favorite song comes on the radio and staying in the car until it’s over.
  89. Hearing a song from my childhood or that my dad loved while in a store
  90. When both kids are asleep
  91. New haircuts
  92. Climbing into bed after a long day.
  93. Freshly laundered sheets
  94. Still warm from the dryer pajamas
  95. Watching my kids discover the world
  96. Getting packages in the mail
  97. Funny coincidences
  98. Supportive online communities
  99. Decorating for the holidays

That was actually really fun. I tried to just let the thoughts flow and go back to fix typos later. I wanted to take full advantage of every second of those 10 minutes. I thought I would run out of things to list after about 50 or so but more ideas just kept coming. It definitely took me longer than 10 minutes though. Still, I figure what matters is I did it all in one session and spent time out of my day thinking of all the things I love in life. Pretty cool. I enjoyed this exercise and I encourage you to do the same! Be sure to check out the original post on the subject and to share a link to your post if you write one in the comments below.

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Brenda Stokes Barron is a freelance writer and blogger for hire. When she's not hunched over her laptop, she's spending time with her family and two crazy cats. Keep up with her antics (which often include trips to Starbucks) on all the usual social network places.
bao cao su
bao cao su

That was actually really fun. I tried to just let the thoughts flow and go back to fix typos later. I wanted to take full advantage of every second of those 10 minutes.thuoc cuong duong



Wow! This list is beyond, well, to use a cliché I normally hate, awesome. I love it when I read a list and find things I missed (How could I have forgotten THAT one?) Like #9 and #25.  (Rescue cats give the best nuzzles). And #94...I can feel those pajamas—and smell them. And #26? More than you will ever know. It's why I love having Mr. bobWP just steps away from my desk.  :) You have definitely earned your "99 Things Badge." 

digitalinkwell moderator

@JudyDunn Thanks so much for taking the time to read my list! And I feel the same way as you--it was really cool to see commonalities among all of the lists I've read so far. And it was fun to stop for a few minutes to ponder all the things I love. I could've kept going, too! Thanks again for the prompt. :)